The Challenge

This is for people who want to improve their body composition and take control of their physique and nutritional habits in a serious, but doable way.
Picture of Andrew

You should do the challenge if you:

  • Have a desire to be the best version of yourself.
  • Have tried a body transformation program before and failed.
  • Want lots of meal options (not the same exact foods every day).
  • Want to make as much progress as possible within healthy/recommended guidelines.
  • Would like to know the reasons why you are doing what you are doing within the program.
  • There are educational and motivational videos from your coach explaining all the aspects of the process.
  • Want to learn how to eat at maintenance level. Most people only know how to starve and how to binge, not many know what maintenance really feels like.
  • Enjoy weight training and following a specific plan. The training program is centred on weight training. Cardio is added at specific times if necessary or enjoyed.

Who should not do this?

If you want to compete in a bodybuilding or bikini competition, you should rather go with a program that is more specifically designed around those end goals. We suggest Bikini Evolution or the Body Evolution Physique programme. This programme is not suitable for the following people:

  • If you do not want to do weight training.
  • People that have injuries that require rehabilitation or a specialist to guide training.
  • If you have never stepped into a gym in your life. We suggest you first join a gym and maybe even book a few sessions with a personal trainer to show you the basics of how to do most of the basic compound exercises.

Andrew has a passion for people and changing their lives for the better.

As one of the first people in South Africa to host an online transformation challenge, Andrew soon built up his client base and has coached over 3000 people in the last ten years. However, he soon began to notice that people were becoming professional ‘challengers’ – getting the results they wanted – but going back to their old ways between challenges. Because he desired to see a real, sustainable change in people’s lives, he decided to extend his programme to 16 weeks, hoping to ingrain the new lifestyle habits into his clients’ daily routine.

He also goes to great lengths to educate his clients through online videos about the changes they’re making and why they are necessary to get the results they want. Andrew’s dedication to the fitness world, both personally and professionally, has inspired the people around him, impacted the industry and changed the way his clients’ think about health.

Over the course of 16 weeks you will receive:

  • Weekly training plans delivered to you via the My Best Body training App.
  • Personalised nutrition plan (please read our FAQ’s for further information.)
  • Supplement guidance (if you want to take supplements)
  • Support via the support group on Facebook
  • The ability to message your coach from within the My Best Body training app.
  • Videos to show you correct training techniques of all the exercises performed either by Andrew Hudson or one of ‘Hudson’s Angels’.
  • Access to the training app so that you can track all your workouts/ weights/ reps/ sets to see your progress.
  • Meal options/ suggestions that you can tailor to your specific taste and requirements..

Explanation of plans:

Every challenge we create is different because we learn and gather new information, adopting what works and dismissing what doesn’t. The new programme we’re starting is going to be very results oriented. Here is what you can expect:

  • Rigorously redesigned weight training programme.
  • Nutritionally, there will be weeks of hard dieting, interspersed with weeks of eating at maintenance levels of calories.
  • Cardio may be added in during times of hard dieting or if you enjoy it. However, it is not compulsory to add it in.