The Coach

Andrew Hudson

Andrew, one of only 7 Professional bodybuilders in the history of IFBB South African bodybuilding has an ETA qualification with over a decade of experience as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor.

The founder of online challenge coaching in South Africa, he has built a solid reputation of being a master of 12-week transformations, having coached many winners of various 12-week challenges. He is now more passionate than ever about helping people achieve their physique goals in the best possible ways. Andrew is a full-time online coach and trainer, and the owner of Bikini Evolution and My Best Body.

With a tremendous amount of experience, he has a proven track record and a variety of tools to help his clients achieve their goals whether that be you losing a couple kilos or if you want to be a world class athlete. Andrew has numerous fitness industry stars and celebrities that utilise his services. He has conducted numerous seminars on correct training techniques and proper nutrition both locally and internationally and is considered a leader in the South African coaching Industry.

Andrew has a passion for changing people’s lives for the better and he is on a mission to get you Your Best Body!