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The well-known & respected Body Transformation specialist Andrew Hudson has transformed the My Best Body Transformation Challenge into a slightly longer, more comprehensive Lifestyle transformation programme.

It is a unique & personalised 16-week programme, utilising a combination of weight training and cardio strategies in combination with a tailored healthy eating plan, to help you in your quest to sculpt your best body ever. The My Best Body Transformation Programme will provide you with the motivation, knowledge and know how to set you firmly on the path to continued physical evolution and life-long health & fitness.

The My Best Body programme is money back guaranteed to provide you with a solid foundation and understanding of how to achieve your best body ever using tried and tested principles, gleaned from our cumulative experience spanning two decades in the health & fitness industry and backed by our numerous real life success stories.

The My Best Body Transformation Challenge programmes are designed and tailored to maximise your personal physical capabilities and genetics and are carefully adjusted & intensified periodically over the 16 weeks to ensure continued progress week after week. The diet plans are designed to work in synergy with your personal exercise plan and we will modify them according to your feedback over the 16 weeks.

Unlike other transformation programmes which are “generic” in nature we are committed to personally supporting you, one on one, throughout your 16-week journey. We will monitor your progress & motivate you to follow our well thought out eating plans, keeping you committed to and destined for ultimate success. Furthermore, there is NO RISK as we are offering a 100% money back guarantee*.

We highly recommend a gym membership, which will allow you to work out using a variety of machines and free weights for maximum results, if you do not have access to a fully equipped gym or travel frequently, you can adapt the program to your needs however we do not provide full home programs.

Yours in Health & Fitness

Andrew Hudson

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