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Last Updated: 6 December 2016

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Transformation Coaching Rules of Entry

  1. Entrants do not have to reside in South Africa.
  2. My Best Body Challenge is open to all over the age of 16 years excluding Coaches and their immediate family.
  3. You must be at least 16 years of age at the time you enter the contest. Consult a qualified medical doctor before beginning any weight training, diet, or fitness program. All contestants assume all risks associated with participating in the contest. Participants agree to enter on their own free will and will not hold My Best Body Challenge, its Coaches, Directors, Employees, judges and Sponsors responsible for loss, risk, damage, or injury that may occur from participating in the My Best Body 16-week Transformation Coaching Programme.
  4. Entry into the My Best Body Transformation Coaching Programme is only considered complete once payment has been received in full.
  5. You may purchase the first and second half of the challenge separately. The 2nd payment needs to be received no later than 5 weeks after the start of the program.
  6. My Best Body reserves the right to amend the rules and programmes at any time.
  7. Participation in the My Best Body 16-week Transformation Coaching Programme grants My Best Body the irrevocable rights to use entrant names, testimonials, diets, workouts, pictures, and any other information related to the entrants participation in the programme for promotional and advertising purposes.
  8. My Best Body reserves the right to refuse any entry.
  9. Reasons for disqualification include (but are not limited to):
    • Incomplete entry and non-payment
    • Improper Pictures
    • Not meeting deadlines
    • bringing My Best Body, its owners and or coaches into disrepute
  10. Refunds: All refunds require supporting documentation (Payfast receipt with reference number). All payments by My Best Body are audited with necessary checks and may take up to 14 days to process. Entrants who do not have a South African bank account, require a PayPal account in order to receive payment.

Photo Submission Guidelines

Taking your before and after photos to enter the My Best Body Online Transformation Challenge is not compulsory; however, it does give your coach more information to provide you with a better plan and having a picture from when you started allows you to track your progress. So, we highly recommend you do take the pictures and send them in.

Photo submission requirements:

  • Show as much of your physique as possible by wearing shorts/ sports bra/ bikini etc.
  • Show your entire body, head to toe, preferably on a solid white background.
  • Stand straight-on, no posing or flexing, with your arms at your side or with slightly bent elbows in a natural stance.
  • Newspaper front must be clearly visible in your Before & After photos.
  • No magazine will be accepted as proof of date.
  • After photos must be taken in the same stance as your Before photos. You are encouraged to shave and use self/false tan in your after pictures in order to highlight your improved physique more clearly. This however, is not a requirement but a helpful tip.
  • Back (Before and After) photos must be taken on the same day as the Front photos, but does not require a newspaper
  • Photos must be submitted or posted (submission process outlined in programmes rules of entry) in a reduced resolution, but ensure you retain the original photos as they may be requested at any time – possibly for prizes and or marketing purposes.

Contact Information

Should you need to contact My Best Body regarding the content displayed on our website, have any queries or require assistance of any kind, kindly direct such correspondence to our Customer Care via email on info@mybestbody.co.za