PROGRAMME FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions)

When does registration open and what are the entry fees?

There are 2 payment options to enter the programme – entries will not be accepted once registration has closed.
Dates are advertised on the entries themselves, so be sure to select which option you prefer as this will determine the entry fees.

Do I have to use supplements whilst on the challenge, and if so what must I purchase?

Although not compulsory we suggest you use the recommended supplements in the nutritional program to achieve optimal results. 

Why do I need to include a newspaper in my BEFORE and AFTER front photos?

This is required to verify the date that the pictures are taken and to ensure they are taken within the official 16-week My Best Body Transformation period, however, photo submissions are not compulsory.

What are the Coaches obligations for the 16-week period?

The coaches provide you with nutritional, training and supplement plans to be implemented over 16 weeks. They will monitor your progress via your feedback and adjust your plans accordingly to ensure optimal results over the 16 weeks. Coaches act as liaison between the entrant and My Best Body Administration to resolve any issues.

How does my coach keep track of my progress?

You upload your stats and pictures in the My Best Body app and both you and your coach will have access to all your stats.

I have registered and paid – when will I receive my plans from my Coach?

All entries registered on our website and paid via Payfast receive an automated confirmation of entry and payment. This is confirmation of your entry into the Programme. Please retain your email receipts or confirmation. We are aware that everyone is eager to get started on their 16 week transformation plans, however, you will receive your initial plans from your chosen coach after registration has closed for your chosen 16-week period. Plans are typically sent out/ available for download 2 days prior to the official start date to allow for grocery purchases and planning. In some cases timing may differ.

When do I take my photos and who do I send them to?

This is not compulsory. Photos are to be taken no more than 7 days before the official start date of your chosen 16-week period. This will allow your Coach to assess your physique and provide a suitable diet plan. Photos taken more than 7 days before the official start date of your 16-week programme period, will be discarded. All before photos must be of reduced resolution and emailed directly to your coach.

I have registered and paid, can I get started on my 16-week challenge?

The My Best Body Programme is partly automated with set start and finish dates. We are unable to accommodate individual requests for different start/ finish dates outside of the official periods.

I am not a member of a gym, will I still be able to participate in the My Best Body Programme?

We highly recommend a gym membership, which will allow you to work out using a variety of machines and free weights for maximum results, if you do not have access to a fully equipped gym or travel frequently, you can adapt the program to your needs however we do not provide home/travel programs.

What payment methods are accepted by My Best Body?

Payment is part of the registration process and is done via Payfast, a secure online payment portal. Payfast can accommodate credit card, debit card and EFT payment types.

Can I register my partner/friend using my profile?

Each entrant on the programme is required to register their own entry. Important information is requested from each entrant such as allergies/ injuries/ medication. All entrants are also required to confirm their entry which is not possible when using a shared profile.

I am vegetarian – can I participate in the Programme?

This is a fairly common question, and as much as we would welcome your entry, our coaches prefer to recommend a variety of protein sources in their diet plans, such as; eggs, fish, poultry, ostrich, beef. This makes the plans more manageable and prevents boredom setting in.