How to take your "Before & After" Photos

Taking your before and after photos to enter the My Best Body Online Transformation Coaching is not compulsory; however it does give your coach more information to provide you with a better plan and having a picture from when you started allows you to track your progress. So, we highly recommend you do take the pictures and send them in. 

Photo submission requirements:

  • Show as much of your physique as possible by wearing shorts/ sports bra/ bikini etc.
  • Show your entire body, head to toe, preferably on a solid white background.
  • Stand straight-on, no posing or flexing, with your arms at your side or with slightly bent elbows in a natural stance.
  • Newspaper front must be clearly visible in your Before & After photos.
  • No magazines will be accepted as proof of date.
  • After photos must be taken in the same stance as your Before photos. You are encouraged to shave and use self/false tan in your after pictures in order to highlight your improved physique more clearly. This however, is not a requirement but a helpful tip.
  • BACK (rear) "Before and After" photos must be taken on the same day as the FRONT photos, but does not require a newspaper. Your FRONT Photos do however, require a newspaper.
  • Photos must be submitted or posted (submission process outlined in challenge rules of entry) in a reduced resolution, but ensure you retain the original photos as they may be requested at any time – possibly for prizes and or marketing purposes.